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3D-printed vegan ‘beef steak’ wows crowd at Mobile World Congress

A “Nespresso for meat substitutes” from start-up Nova Meat, that uses 3D printing to create a vegan ‘beef steak’, is demonstrated for visitors to Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

“We are creating the first 3D-printed plant-based beef steak. And it’s composed of ingredients – rice protein, pea protein, and we use some algae fibres – so we mix this and we create an alternative to meat which has the same texture and soon will have a good appearance in terms of, you will look at it and you will think it’s an actual beef steak because it will have the same appearance, texture, taste and then additional properties. And this is very important for the environment because we need to solve this problem of livestock unsustainability.

“This will be like a Nespresso for meat substitutes… we will have cartridges that you can use with a printer. We will try to do three of them; beef steak – which is our priority – the chicken breast and the tuna steak. We will try to sell these cartridges together with a robust printer that will allow us to create many kilo a day for novelty restaurants in the beginning, and hopefully soon for consumers as well.”

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