Aston Martin swaps V12 for 800V

Aston Martin, the car company synonymous with James Bond, has launched its first ever electric sports car, the Rapide E. Stuart McDill reports.

MILBROOK, ENGLAND, UK (REUTERS / ASTON MARTIN) – It’s half traditional Aston Martin, half cutting edge electric vehicle.

This is the Aston Martin Rapide E – the company’s first e-car in more than a century of making luxury sports cars.


“The Rapide E is more than a conversion. The integration of the electric systems on the car has given our technical team quite a challenge not only in terms of maximising the performance but also particularly the range of the vehicle. So we’ve taken an existing structure and modified it to incorporate as many batteries and energy as possible. Also we had to integrate all the support systems on the car while still maintaining mass targets and also usability of the car particularly with Rapide which is a hatchback design and maintain as much luggage capacity as possible.”

The bespoke carbon fibre powertrain was developed by Formula 1 engineers from William Advanced Engineering.


“As far as possible the battery and the powertrain is just a complete retrofit for all the components that come out of the car. So actually from a production line point of view you’ll be able to decide with a single car body, do I put up an internal combustion engine powertrain or do I put up an electric powertrain?”

Where the V12 engine, gearbox and fuel tank are in a normal Rapide – now there are two electric motors and a liquid-cooled battery.

The car will have a top speed of 155mph, a range of more than 200 miles – and packs more punch than any Aston Martin ever made.


“950Nm is the most highest torque output of any Aston Martin ever produced. Torque is the weight of the punch that hits you in the back when you accelerate hence why we get real world acceleration times of 50 to 70 of only 1.5 seconds. This is real world performance feel.”

The company plans to make just 155 of them – yours for an estimated quarter of a million pounds.

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