Belgium’s Reynders casts doubts about Congo vote result


Belgian Foreign Minister Didier Reynders cast doubt on Friday (January 11) on the Democratic Republic of Congo’s election result that gave the lead to Felix Tshisekedi.

Arriving for the Belgian government’s weekly meeting, Reynders said Belgium now awaited the Congolese people’s reactions and was working on a contingency plan to protect foreigners in case violence occurred.

Democratic Republic of Congo’s electoral commission declared opposition leader Tshisekedi the winner of last month’s chaotic presidential election on Thursday, but the runner-up dismissed the outcome as an “electoral coup,” adding the vote was rigged after Tshisekedi reached a backroom deal to share power with outgoing President Joseph Kabila.

This position was echoed by Congo’s venerated Catholic Church, which deployed 40,000 election monitors for the December 30 poll and concluded that the runner-up, Martin Fayulu, was the true clear winner.

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