Blooming flowers amaze tourists in southwest China

Gui’an New Area, Guizhou Province, southwest China – Recent (CCTV) – Cities and counties in southwest China have been awash with the magic of nature as fields of flowers are in full bloom, drawing people outside of the house to spend the day enjoying the fragrance and sceneries of spring and the company of friends.

In a zoo in Kunming City, capital of southwest China’s Yunnan Province, over 5,000 cherry blossom trees and Chinese flowering crab-apple trees, stretching for several kilometers on the Yuantong Mountain, have been in full bloom since the beginning of the month, attracting over 800,000 tourists to enjoy the scenery of spring.

“We specifically came here all the way from Qujing City for the cherry blossoms. Every time I see the flowers, I feel very happy,” said a visitor.

Visitors flocked to Gui’an New Area, Guizhou Province, to enjoy the fresh fragrance and to emerge themselves in a sea of flowers as plum trees scattered over an area of 1333-hectare are in full bloom.

“We have a total area of 1333 hectares of plum trees. Plum trees has a long florescence period. This year, the temperature is low, so the flowers started to bloom on March 2, and is now in full bloom. They might fade away around March 20,” said Liang Ruyou, a local farmer.

Similarly, in neighboring places such as Qianxi County of Bijie City and in Yilong District of Yijing City in the province, the pink cherry blossoms and white plum blossoms are attracting large numbers of visitors.

“People should go outside to enjoy the land view made by nature,” said Zhou Zhengyu, a tourist to Qianxi County.

At Qiushui Lake, the reflection of the pear flowers and cherry blossoms in the crystal clear water created a for a picturesque image, much to the amazement of the tourists.

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