British “yellow vest” protesters call for general election ahead of Brexit vote

LONDON, ENGLAND, UK (JANUARY 12, 2019) (BBC) – British protesters wearing high visibility jackets marched through central London on Saturday (January 12), demanding a general election three days before a crucial parliamentary Brexit deal vote.

The protesters, angry with the Brexit negotiation process, chanted “Theresa May has got to go” and waved placards reading “general election now”.

They wore “yellow vests” inspired by the French demonstrators who have protested against French President Emmanuel Macron’s reforms for nine consecutive weekends.

Britain’s parliament is in the process of debating whether to support Prime Minister Theresa May’s Brexit deal, a decision which will define Britain’s departure from the European Union and set the course for the country’s economy. The vote is due on Tuesday (January 15).

The protesters were a separate group from the pro-Brexit individuals who have worn yellow vests outside parliament in recent weeks, shouting abuse at lawmakers and members of the media.

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