China reveals world’s first virtual news presenters

China’s Xinhua news agency has created artificial intelligence news presenters – modeled off other, real news anchors. Lauren Anthony reports.

COMPUTER-GENERATED IMAGERY (XINHUA NEWS AGENCY) – This isn’t a news anchor. In fact, it’s not even human.

China’s Xinhua news agency has unveiled what they are calling artificial intelligence news anchors and it’s their very first day at work.

Although they might not be real, the agency say the anchors can read text, mimic facial expressions and impersonate mannerisms as realistically as a human.

So much so, that they could threaten the jobs of the presenters they’re modeled off.

Literally. Xinhua reported on its website that they are experimenting with the software as a way to lower production costs.

The robo-anchors made their debut in both English and Chinese.

The agency created their AI presenters with tech firm, Sogou, using facial recognition, facial modeling and speech synthesis software.

China is considered a leader in the AI industry having already produced advanced surveillance equipment and self driving cars.

Meanwhile, human journalists are looking over their shoulder.

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