China’s GeekPark and LiePin Publish Geek Employers List to Match Best Innovators With Top Talent

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., Sept. 30, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — GeekPark, a leading technology and internet media for Chinese innovators, and LiePin, a high-end headhunting consultancy, have published the first Geek Employers List (“the List”) in Silicon Valley, identifying 50 potentially disruptive hi-tech companies that stand out as magnets for talent who are seeking to reshape the future with the power of technology. The List includes, among others, tech giants Anti Financial and Bytedance, video sharing unicorn, Kwai, and emerging start-ups such as Beike ( and Squirrel AI. A partial list of the companies on the List is provided below:

Ant Financial








Squirrel AI






Horizon Robotics

WeChat Mini

















“All great businesses succeed when there is a perfect match between employers and employees. Our Geek Employers List aims to address the thorniest issue in a rapidly-changing world, how can good tech companies find good talent, and vice versa,” Peng Zhang, the founder and president of GeekPark said. “The challenge is daunting, because on one hand, the criteria to evaluate an IT innovator is getting increasingly dynamic, and complicated, in a world where abundant opportunities have created immense growth potential for even little-known start-ups. On the other hand, innovative employees have mushroomed, with each individual actively looking for ways to maximize his or her value in the flux of change.”

Candidates for the List were screened using three criteria:

Almost all selected companies are rooted in, or span across five technology fields that have the most explosive growth prospects; they include AI and big data, enterprise applications, green and smart transportation, online education, and smart manufacturing.
Founders and management teams were evaluated in terms of their personalities and value orientation. For example, their trustworthiness was rated according to their professional track records, enthusiasm and charisma, as well as insightfulness and vision. In terms of value orientation, management teams were vetted on their level of professionalism, partnership models and diversity.
Companies were judged on their acceptance by capital markets – a key, but elusive element of attractiveness that is often neglected by job-seekers. But for a technology start-up, the attitude, and the level of commitment displayed by capital markets, especially by seasoned, influential investors, can serve as an accurate and real-time barometer of the company’s health and prospects.
Through the List, GeekPark and LiePin are giving job-seekers a guidebook to the kind of innovative companies that are worth joining and working for. Such companies must be adaptive to the changing environment, willing to think out of the box, say “Why Not?” and able to evolve over time.

The Geek Employers List is the bridge between the best companies and the best talent, whose seamless collaboration can sow the seeds for great and long-lasting businesses.

For more information, please visit:
Click the link to review the entire list of “Geek Employers @ China 2018”

About GeekPark:

Founded in 2010, GeekPark is one of China’s largest internet and technology innovation communities. The organization was founded to introduce the concept of “Geek Culture” to China. GeekPark is devoted to discovering, inspiring, and enlightening innovators through insightful media production, frequent community events, professional business strategy consulting and systematic start-up services including venture investment. Over the past 8 years, GeekPark has fostered the growth of some of China’s top-ranked technology companies and the innovators behind them, creating an entrepreneurs community of trend-setting Chinese leaders known as The Frontier. GeekPark’s annual events such as the GeekPark IF in January and GeekPark Rebuild in July have become stages to attract top innovators from around the world.


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