China’s TCL unveils new BlackBerry Key2

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES (JUNE 7, 2018) (REUTERS) – Chinese electronics maker TCL on Thursday (June 6) launched a high-end smartphone in the United States that it developed with Canada’s BlackBerry, touting security and privacy features to distinguish it from other devices.

The KEY2 is the third smartphone that TCL has launched through a partnership with BlackBerry, which decided in 2016 to stop making smartphones and license its software to other manufacturers.

BlackBerry digitally audits phones built through the partnership to make sure no unapproved software is installed on them, and also signs off on all software updates to the phones, which are remotely installed by wireless carriers, the company said.

The KEY2, which retails for $649, features a BlackBerry app called DTEK that helps users see and manage how data is used by other apps. A second application, Locker, creates private folders for documents that enable users to prevent them from being uploaded to the cloud.

TCL unveiled the BlackBerry KEY2, which runs on Alphabet Inc’s widely used Android operating system, amid tensions between Washington and Beijing over the sale of Chinese telecommunications equipment in the United States.

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