Clashes break out between police and yellow vest rioters in Paris

Clashes broke out between dozens of demonstrators and police in Paris on the 23rd Saturday of yellow-vest protests after authorities warned that rioters could return to the French capital to spark a new wave of violence. Edward Baran reports.

PARIS, FRANCE (Reuters) – It’s the 23rd Saturday of yellow vest protests in Paris…

And clashes have once again broken out between dozens of demonstrators and police in the French capital.

Black-hooded marchers threw rocks and set fire to trash cans and motorcycles.

Police responded by firing tear gas and stun grenades.

Some officers also marched toward demonstrators in a bid to control the crowd and funnel it to Paris’ Place de la Republique, where they’re authorized to demonstrate.

As of early afternoon, 110 people had been arrested and placed in custody, the Paris prosecutor’s office said.

The so-called Yellow Vest protests erupted in mid-November.

They were originally over fuel price hikes and the high cost of living…

But soon spiraled into a broader movement against President Emmanuel Macron and his drive for economic reforms.

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