‘Cryptojacking’ new threat to consumers, companies – Symantec

WALNUT CREEK, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES (SYMANTEC) – Cyber criminals have turned to a new form of theft – “cryptojacking” – and it’s a treat to both households and corporations, cyber security company Symantec said on Thursday (March 22) in their annual Internet Security Report.

Cryptojacking involves a person hijacking a device, be it a computer or smart phone, and using it to “mine” for cryptocurrency.

Symantec’s Director of Security Response, Kevin Haley, said the easiest way to prevent becoming a victim is to update your home router with the latest software and make sure to change the factory default password.

“Well over 40 percent of these attacks are going against home routers, so it’s really important that your home router be defended. That’s the gateway into your home and it’s protecting all the devices behind that router. If the router itself is infected you could be in a lot of trouble.”

Haley said that while home users are currently the primary target for cryptojacking, corporations, with their high-speed processing power, will soon be targeted as well.

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