Cuteness alert! Adorable baby rhino makes public debut at Cleveland zoo

CLEVELAND, OHIO, UNITED STATES (SEPTEMBER 19, 2018) (NBC) – Ohio’s Cleveland Metroparks Zoo%20Metroparks%20Zoo&redirect=yes"> has unveiled its latest edition to its animal kingdom family — an adorable Eastern black baby rhino that had its public debut on Wednesday (September 19).

The female calf was born on August 20 to mother, Igne (pronounced Ing-A), and father, Forrest, and was allowed to bond with its mother for several weeks before being displayed to the public, the zoo said on its website.

Igne munched on hay and leafy branches while her calf, who has not been given a name yet, tried to suckle and stay close to its mother as the two explored their enclosure — or ‘Rhino Yard’ which has a 24/7 camera available on the zoo’s website.

The zoo has asked the public to help name the female calf by making donations as they cast votes for any of three names — Nia, Dalia and Zina. The name with the most donations wins.

The zoo says the calf is the second Eastern black rhino birth in 218, following the birth of Lulu who was born in February. It says tens of thousands of black rhinos once roamed much of Africa but that fewer than 5,000 remain today.

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