Czech researchers develop system to pinpoint photograph locations

BRNO, CZECH REPUBLIC (MAY 22, 2018) (REUTERS) – Researchers at a Czech university have developed a system that can match clues from a photograph with geographic data to pinpoint exactly where the photograph was taken.

Martin Cadik, one of the researchers at Brno University of Technology’s ‘Cphoto’ research group, became interested in being able to find the locations of photographs anywhere in the world when he first began studying at the university 18 years ago.

The researchers are now able to match photos in many different locations, after having systematically worked on matching freely available geographic data with photographs since 2010.

Cadik says apart from using geographic data, their computer model can also simulate light conditions and the focus of an image to produce an exact match.

He says there is interest in using the research in a variety of ways, including forensic analysis, finding the locations of old photographs and measuring snow cover.

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