Fireball flashes across Perth sky

JANDAKOT, PERTH, AUSTRALIA (AUGUST 28, 2018) (BAGUS SUGIONO) – Residents captured footage of a fireball lighting up the sky above Perth, Australia as it fell towards earth on Tuesday (August 28).

Bejay Walker, a local resident whose CCTV captured the phenomenon, said the burning object appeared in the sky at around 07:40pm local time (2340 GMT).

Bagus Sugiono was lucky enough to catch a glimpse of fireball while driving in Jandakot, a southern suburb of Perth.

Many other Perth residents took to social media after the occurrence to voice their amazement and see if others had seen the same unusual sight.

The Department of Fire and Emergency Services was also inundated with calls from eyewitnesses saying they had seen the fireball, Australia’s ABC reported.

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