From crops to shops: the SA app boosting small-scale farmers

A new, award-winning app is empowering small-scale South African farmers by connecting them with supermarkets. Sisipho Skweyiya reports

JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA (Reuters) – For Owen Malaudzi, life on his small South African farm has recently got easier.

And that’s thanks, he says, to the award-winning Khula app – touted by its founders as an “African solution, to African problems.”


“Khula app, I no longer worry about the transport, I no longer worry about the access to market and then with Khula app, I also, I am in a position to track my records more accurately.”

The aim of the app is to connect small-scale farmers, such as Malaudzi, with supermarkets

– who can order fresh, organic vegetables straight from the ground – and have them delivered to their door.

It was created by entrepreneurs Karidas Tshintsholo and Matthew Piper.


“We thought if we could find a way to commercialize all those emerging farmers it will have huge implications on employment and basically huge implications on the economic growth of the continent as a whole.”

They say the app allows supermarkets to take a role in empowering farmers.

And, notable clients include Pick n’ Pay, and the Michelangelo Hotel and Sandton Convention Centre in Johannesburg.

Through charging a small percentage on each transaction as well as a fee for managing the logistics, Khula has generated half a million rand ($35,700) in its first three months.

Over 600 farmers use the app and the co-founders plan to expand to other parts of the continent, as well as emerging markets such as Brazil and India.

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