From the Republican elite to the marijuana farm

Edward Weidenfeld advocates for medical cannabis. Angela Moore reports.

75-year-old Edward Weidenfeld is a successful Washington, DC lawyer with ties to the political elite. He once even worked as general counsel to Ronald Reagan’s 1980 presidential campaign.

Now, Weidenfeld and his business partner Andras Kirshner own a large-scale medical marijuana-growing farm.

Weidenfeld also uses the plant to relieve the symptoms of Parkinson’s, which affects his speech.


“I have the cannabis which treats the conditions that the medication doesn’t treat.”

To appreciate Weidenfeld’s journey from a Republican political insider to a marijuana farmer, one only has to recall President and Mrs. Reagan’s campaign against illegal drug use which was marked by harsher prison sentences and Mrs. Reagan’s popular ‘Just Say No’ campaign.


“I respected Mrs. Reagan and the ‘Just Say No’ program, but the more I learned about the war on drugs, the more I learned it was really a war selectively fought against minorities in the country. So I don’t think much like a Republican anymore.”

Marijuana use is still a federal crime in the U.S., but it is legal for medicinal or recreational use in about 30 states and the District of Columbia.

And as the marijuana laws become more liberal, Weidenfeld is among the latest to enter the budding 11 billion dollar cannabis industry – producing about 80 to 100 pounds of medical marijuana a month.

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