How to Combat the Side Effects of Digital Technology

NEW YORK, Oct. 5, 2018 /PRNewswire/ – Rod Wallace, PhD Business Strategist, Economist
“As a society, we can’t turn off technology. We need to come together with our technology turned on. As a parent, I feel worried. This society must support me in my old age — and I will pass it on to my children. I must ask, ‘How can we survive?’ How can we manage the unintended consequences of D-Tech? We can survive — and, in fact, flourish — by changing our approach to collaboration. Technology does not solve problems. People solve problems. And we solve problems most effectively when we work together. Thus, our collaborative approaches must withstand the rigors of today’s D-Tech driven complexity.”

As digital technology adds complexity and benefits to our world, the same powerful technology that promises solutions to society’s ills is unleashing devastating consequences across American culture, government, and economy. Wallace, a business strategist, economist, and sought-after speaker, helps us understand and solve these problems. He is a Fulbright Fellow and recent TedX speaker who has worked with a leading economic historian; led multi-organization, billion-dollar challenges; and partnered with a Silicon Valley pioneer to explore the impact of artificial intelligence on society. He offers his unique blend of expertise and a mission to energize organizations to deliver profit and make a difference. His new book, “Drowning in Potential: How American Society Can Survive Digital Technology,” shares insights, strategies, and tools for overcoming American society’s most pressing issues while benefitting those fixing the problems. In six hard-hitting chapters backed by in-depth-analysis and more than 60 diagrams and illustrations, Wallace offers a thought-provoking bird’s-eye view of American society today and a plan of action for creating a future in which our children can prosper.

Wallace is available to discuss: 1) Digital Technology and Society: digital technology and the complexity it creates are increasing problems in our society and industries like food, healthcare, education, and housing; 2) Vision Beyond the Bottom Line: Wallace explains his strategic approach to expanding business profit while collaborating across organizations to solve society’s biggest challenges, including those caused by technology. (Wallace presented this approach in his TedX Talk on September 27, 2018); 3) Few Successful Societies: Over the past thousand years, some societies have overcome the unintended consequences of new technologies, while most have not; 4) From Resource Allocation to Decision Coordination: As the central economic problem shifts, and we make insufficient corresponding adjustment to economic measurement, analysis, and operation, our societal systems are breaking down.

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