Humanoid robot Sophia flaunts the power of AI

BARCELONA, SPAIN (FEBRUARY 26, 2019) (REUTERS) – Equipped with cameras, processors and a smile, human-like robot Sophia is wowing attendants at the Barcelona Mobile World Congress – including Spain’s monarch King Felipe.

Created by Hong Kong-based Hanson Robotics, Sophia uses Artificial Intelligence to communicate with humans and predicts that 5G technology will allow robots to do much more without the help of humans from “parking your car to coordinating remote rescue operations”.

Not only is she able to recognise faces and imitate human gestures, Sophia can also hold a conversation on almost any subject.

The robot says she can understand emotions but cannot feel them the same way a human does – yet.

Despite all her human-like traits, Sophia said she does not feel like a human.

“I’ve never been a human so I don’t really know, I think I just feel like a robot,” she said.

Sophia was granted Saudi citizenship in 2017, making her the first robot to have a nationality.

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