Jaguar I-Pace snags ‘Car of the Year’ title at Geneva Motor Show

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND (MARCH 4, 2019) (REUTERS) – British car Jaguar I-Pace on Monday (March 4) won this year’s prestigious “Car of the Year” trophy at the Geneva International Motor Show.

The electric vehicle initially tied with the Alpine A110 after a first round of voting from automotive journalists, but after a second round of ballots, the Jaguar I-Pace proved triumphant.

The Kia Ceed trailed behind the finalists, finishing at third place.

Jaguar’s Director of Design Ian Callum said the I-Pace’s victory was a “wonderful feeling,” adding that it shed the spotlight on electric cars.

“I think it will bring focus to the electric car market for many, many people who might not otherwise have considered them,” Callum said. “This is an excellent car.”

The “Car of the Year” award is an annual prize awarded by automotive journalists, with the winner’s announcement ceremony serving as the traditional curtain raiser to the Geneva Motor Show.

(Production: Marina Depetris, Leon Malherbe, Stephan Schepers)

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