Japan’s deadly heat wave drags on, claims more victims

TOKYO, JAPAN (JULY 23, 2018) (TV TOKYO) – A deadly heat wave persisted over much of Japan on Tuesday (July 24), killing at least 80 people and sending tens of thousands of others to emergency rooms, as authorities warned high temperatures will persist till the beginning of August.

After almost two weeks of scorching heat, temperatures neared 40 degrees Celsius (104°F) again on Tuesday in many Japanese cities. The Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) told reporters that high temperatures will persist and many areas will see the mercury hit above 35 degrees celsius (95°F).

That is several degrees higher than the average year and according to some researchers will bring higher deaths from heatstrokes especially amongst the elderly in Japan — many who live alone in homes without air-conditioning.

Fumiaki Fujibe, research professor at Department of Geography at Tokyo Metropolitan University, said his research showed that a one-degree rise of the temperature causes about 50 percent more deaths, so a few degrees of warming will have a further exponential effect on the death toll.

But there could be some respite in store. The heat is expected to ease slightly and briefly this week as a high pressure zone responsible for it moves west and east, allowing moist air to bring rain to some scorched areas, the JMA said.

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