Kanye West’s plan to replace Air Force One

US (Next Media) – Kanye West has proposed a plan to replace the Air Force One with an iPlane 1.

The original design of the iPlane 1 was created by Shabtai Hirshberg and consists of a jet with a wide, flat body and a transparent roof.

As seen on the self-promotion portfolio site Behance, where Hirshberg publicized his design, the jet would have wings that would be able to turn up and down while taking off and landing.

It would also potentially be able to take off and land using a standard runway or in water. It would also use a hybrid engine to ensure the plane flies quietly in the sky.

There would also be a docking area for the jets in the water when they are not in use.

However, the jet was not initially designed to be powered by hydrogen.

Hirshberg told The Verge he is currently working with a group to develop a smaller, jet-sized version of his original concept.

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