Kim Jones presents first collection for Dior Homme in Paris

PARIS, FRANCE (JUNE 23, 2018) (REUTERS) – A giant sculpture made of pink and black flowers set the tone at Christian Dior’s catwalk show in Paris on Saturday (June 23) as new menswear designer Kim Jones stamped his style on the storied French label with a display of floral-inspired, airy looks.

To a booming techno-pop soundtrack, models clad in pastel blues and pinks, with occasional splashes of acid yellow, sauntered round the larger-than-life sculpture by New-York based artist KAWS.

British designer Jones, formerly of LVMH stablemate Louis Vuitton, took the Dior job in March, in a merry-go-round of designer changes at the French conglomerate.

Models wore tailored suits paired with sneakers, in a nod to Jones’ streetwear credentials, but looks also referenced more traditionally feminine styles, with flower motifs appearing on shiny raincoats and an array of delicate, see-through shirts.

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