Massive iceberg breaks from Greenland glacier

Time-lapse video shows a four-mile wide chunk of ice breaking away from the Helheim Glacier in Tasiilaq, Greenland, a rarely documented event called calving.

TASIILAQ, GREENLAND (Reuters) – On June 22, Reuters photographer Lucas Jackson captured images of an iceberg, four miles wide, breaking away from Greenland’s Helheim Glacier. It cracked into pieces in a process called calving, an event that can be caused by warming oceans. The footage is sped up 1,600 percent.

Scientists worry that calving will happen on a disastrous scale in Antarctica, where the much larger Thwaites glacier, for instance, is believed to be a linchpin holding back the West Antarctic ice sheet.

New York University Oceanographer David Holland has been studying ocean and glacier interaction in Greenland for 12 years. The data from his current research feeds into an international collection of modeling groups who are trying to simulate sea level change.

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