New Ripple-Based Decentralized Exchange for Point-and-Click ICOs

A new free and fully featured Ripple wallet called The World Exchange allows anyone to instantly create and trade their own tokens at the click of a mouse. The wallet is being launched by Autodidactic I and is also available open-sourced on Github.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA (PRWEB) – Autodidactic I, a group formerly known for its endeavors in autonomous trading and other projects, has launched a new free and fully featured Ripple wallet called The World Exchange ( The wallet highlights many lesser known features of Ripple, such as the built-in decentralized exchange that allows anyone to issue and trade their own blockchain-based tokens at the click of a mouse. The site also includes more advanced but still native-to-Ripple functionalities, such as the ability for more institutional users to create whitelists and integrate their KYC/AML needs directly into the token without code or smart contracts. The team sees the site as helping fill a void in the ecosystem for wallets that not only are more user-friendly but do more to truly showcase what blockchain technologies like Ripple are capable of.

The World Exchange is an exchange in name only. It operates completely client-side with no back-end code or database. This means no data is stored, collected, or transmitted from the user to any intermediary. A user can download the page to use locally or even run it entirely offline to create cold wallets for XRP and other tokens. The World Exchange runs completely off of blockchain technology itself, unlike many others which offer blockchain-based tokens to trade but still run as traditional centralized exchanges.

The issuing of one’s own blockchain-based tokens is increasingly becoming a method of choice for everything from funding a project via token sales (ICOs) to implementing decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) governed by code instead of contract. The team hopes that, by creating this site, it can help lower barriers to entry as well as promote more mainstream usage of blockchain technologies. It has gone to extra lengths to create non-technical documentation explaining various concepts of blockchain as well as video tutorials walking through the already fairly easy-to-use website. Last but not least, it has coordinated with various ICO / ITO service providers to provide a free template for token purchase agreements, which doesn’t eliminate the need for legal counsel but should drastically reduce the costs of someone issuing their own token. The site remains in constant development towards the goal of making blockchain usage more accessible, and the team welcomes any collaboration from other parties to further this effort.

Visit and learn more about The World Exchange at
The wallet / decentralized exchange is also available open-source on Github or by just viewing the source code of the HTML page.

Ripple is an open-source, distributed ledger technology created by Ripple Labs. Ripple, Ripple Labs, and its native token XRP are unaffiliated with The World Exchange or its creators, which are only third party developers building on top of the open-source platform.

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