Oil capital of Venezuela without power after electrical explosion

MARACAIBO, VENEZUELA (AUGUST 31, 2018) (REUTERS) – Venezuelan authorities reported that in the early hours of Friday morning (August 31) an electrical substation exploded in Maracaibo, one of the centres of Venezuela’s oil industry, leaving a large portion of the city without power.

MARACAIBO, VENEZUELA (REUTERS / VENEZUELAN GOVERNMENT TV) – Known for decades for its relative wealth and for being the historic heart of the oil industry, Maracaibo is now living with the consequences of years of lack of investment in electrical infrastructure, one of a number of problems facing Venezuela as it suffers an economic recession and hyperinflation.

Venezuela’s Justice Minister, Nestor Reverol, announced in a statement on national television that authorities had detained 12 people. Reverol called the explosion an “act of sabotage” and claimed that those behind the incident were, “contracted by intellectual architects from Colombia.”

No victims have been reported as a result of the explosion.

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