People cry their heart out before year ends at first of its kind crying club in India


 In a unique attempt to make people happy and relaxed before the year 2019 kicks in, a crying program was held for the residents of western India’s Surat city on Sunday (December 30).

The program was organized by the country’s first of its kind crying club – ‘Healthy Crying Club’ that was inaugurated in 2017. The organizer of the program and laughter therapist Kamlesh Masalawala said that the main concept behind organizing the program is to reduce stress in people and allow them to have a healthy mind, body, and soul.

Masalawala further stated that people usually store in their grievances deep inside their mind thinking those are precious memories but the truth is that those are just waste which affects one’s mental health.

A woman Jigna who participated in the program said that many a times it so happens that however big problem one has in life he or she cannot cry openly but here she could do that and felt relaxed.

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