Pepper the robot tells British MPs about uses of artificial intelligence

A British parliamentary committee quizzes Pepper the robot on the future AI in education, the first of its kind

LONDON, ENGLAND, UK (OCTOBER 16, 2018) (UK PARLIAMENT – A robot was questioned by a British select committee for the first time on Tuesday (October 16), in a discussion focused on the fourth industrial revolution.

Pepper the robot sat at a table alongside robotics students at the committee meeting and answered several questions on the value of technological innovation and the role of robots in a classroom.

Pepper was envisaged as robot for care of the elderly but has been adapted to teach with children.

The humanoid is part of an international project funded by the EU and Japan and a resident robot at Britain’s Middlesex University.

CARESSES, the project behind the humanoid robot, said in its website it aimed to design “the first care robots that adapt the way they behave and speak to the culture of the person they assist.”

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