Perfect Corp.’s YouCam Makeup is honored at the 32nd Annual Edison Awards Gala for their outstanding leadership in innovation

Perfect Corp. receives a prestigious Edison Award for achievement in AI and AR beauty innovation.

Perfect Corp.’s YouCam Makeup platform and suite of apps was recognized and celebrated for its leadership in innovation at the 32nd Annual Edison Awards on Thursday, April 4th in New York City. The Edison Awards, named after Thomas Alva Edison, honors the world’s best in innovators and innovations, recognizing the YouCam Makeup platform as a trailblazer in the consumer goods category using advanced augmented reality (AR), artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning technology to completely reimagine the consumer beauty shopping experience.

The YouCam Makeup platform and suite of apps is being celebrated for its impact on the consumer lifestyle catering to convenience, discovery, and experimentation which reinvents the way beauty lovers shop, discover, and interact with beauty. The brand has introduced world leading AR & AI technology into the retail, mobile, and web environments through virtual beauty trials that are revolutionizing product testing and the way consumers shop. With over 700 million downloads and impressively accurate makeup try-ons (including over 200 global brand partnerships), YouCam is being celebrated by the Edison Awards for its positive impact on the consumer beauty journey.

“We are honored to be recognized by the Edison Awards for our excellence in innovation and its impact on the lives of consumers,” said Perfect Corp. CEO and founder, Alice Chang. “We pride ourselves on curiosity and forward-thinking and continue to challenge ourselves to push the boundaries of AR and AI innovation to build upon the most unique, immersive, enhanced virtual beauty experiences imaginable.”

YouCam’s advancements in innovation have led the industry into the next generation of ‘Beauty 3.0’ catering to a growing demand for personalized, proactive beauty experiences. The brand has completely reimagined the way consumers shop for cosmetics by providing a fun, easy to use, mobile, web, and retail solutions that instantly solves past consumer pain points, while also providing brands and retailers with an interactive new medium to capture customers and sales. True-to-life, real time virtual beauty try ons have eliminated unhygienic, messy beauty counter visits, and replaced them with an easy to use one-tap mobile solution connecting customers to their favorite brands through an immersive, personalized consumer journey in the palm of their hand—one that’s resulted in nearly 10% increase in basket size.

The “YouCam Makeup” platform and suite of apps accepted the Silver Award for the Consumer Goods Category (Subcategory: Personal Care) on April 4th at the 32nd Annual Edison Awards Gala in New York City. All nominations were reviewed by the Edison Awards Steering Committee and the final ballot sent to an independent judging panel comprised of more than 3,000 professionals from the fields of product development, design, engineering, science, marketing and education, including professional organizations representing a wide variety of industries and disciplines.

App Availability

YouCam Makeup is available for free download on the App Store and Google Play.

About Perfect Corp.

With over 700 Million downloads globally, Perfect Corporation is dedicated to transforming how consumers, content creators and beauty brands interact together through AI and AR technologies. Our experienced team of engineers and beauty aficionados are pushing the frontiers of technology to create the beauty platform of the future – a fluid environment where individuals express themselves, learn the latest about fashion and beauty, and enjoy instant access to the products from their favorite brands. Further information about Perfect Corp. can be found at

About The Edison Awards

Established in 1987, the Edison Awards is a program conducted by Edison Universe, a non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization dedicated to fostering future innovators. For more information about the Edison Awards, please visit

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