Pope says clergy who abuse children are “tools of Satan”

VATICAN CITY (FEBRUARY 24, 2019) (CTV) – Catholic clergy who abuse children are “tools of satan”, Pope Francis said on Sunday (February 24) at a mass marking the end of a four-day summit on the protection of minors.

Addressing cardinals and bishops at the Vatican, the pope said awareness is growing within the church to ensure disciplinary measures are in place to tackle sexual abuse and vowed to protect children from the “ravenous wolves”.

Francis convened Catholic leaders from around the world for the meeting to address the scandal that has ravaged the Church’s credibility in the United States – where it has paid billions of dollars in settlements – Ireland, Chile, Australia, and elsewhere over the last three decades.

After the conference, the Vatican says it will formulate follow-up measures to make sure all bishop return home knowing how to put anti-abuse procedures into place.

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