Reports of drones close UK’s Gatwick airport

Flights to and from the UK’s second busiest airport have been suspended following reports of two drones flying over Gatwick’s airfield. Michelle Hennessy reports.

The UK’s second busiest airport has been brought to a standstill, after reports of drones flying over its airfield.

Planes coming in to land at Gatwick had to be diverted, and passengers making their way out over the holiday period, have been left stranded.

There’s been multiple reports of drone sightings since late Wednesday (December 19) night, local time – shutting the runway on two instances, according to a statement.

Gatwick hasn’t said when it will be able to resume flights.

The airport apologized on Twitter, saying safety was its foremost priority, and the sightings are being investigated by local police.

The number of near collisions by drones and commercial jets is on the rise, fueling safety concerns in the aviation industry.

In Britain alone, 92 incidents were reported last year – that’s triple what it was in 2015.

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