Rescue operations underway as India’s Kerala battles worst flood in a century

ALAPPUZHA, KERALA, INDIA (AUGUST 18, 2018) (ANI) – Residents of a community in India’s Kerala rushed to rescue people trapped in floodwaters on Saturday (August 18).

The Alappuzha district is home to a large number of fishermen and around 100 of their boats were used to rescue people marooned by the worst flood in a century to hit the southern state. Local officials said they were aiming to help around 500 people to higher, safer areas.

Local officials have put the death toll from floods and landslides at more than 300, but thousands more are missing.

The military have been deployed for rescue and relief operations and Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who conducted an aerial survey earlier in the day, announced financial assistance of 5 billion rupees ($71.3 million) to the flood-ravaged state.

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