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Robots wait tables at Kathmandu restaurant

Locally-made robots take over waiting duties in a Kathmandu restaurant.

KATHMANDU, NEPAL (Reuters) – Locally made robots took over waiting duties in a Kathmandu restaurant.

Naulo is the first fully digitized restaurant in both Nepal and South Asia to use robots to wait tables. Customers use touch screens to place their orders and Ginger the waiter robot brings everything to the table.

She was made by local tech company Paaila Technology and is equipped with swarm intelligence, object recognition, speech recognition and auto-dock capabilities.

Although a bit slow on its wheels, the waiter robots are popular with local customers and children who often try to divert it from its trajectory. Aayush Kasajoo, director of Paaila Technology and owner of Naulo restaurant, said the idea of creating Ginger came as they saw opportunities for robots in the international service industry.

Three waiter robots are currently working at Naulo which opened its doors to the public four months ago.

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