Russia creates new military ‘suicide’ drone

(KALASHNIKOV MEDIA) – Russian producers of the famous Kalashnikov rifle have recently presented a military ‘suicide’ drone, able to hit distant targets on the ground.

The Kalashnikov Group, whose famous assault rifle has killed more people than any other weapon in the world, unveiled its new unmanned combat aerial system «KYB-UAV» at the International defence exhibition “IDEX 2019” in Abu Dhabi, earlier in February.

According to the producers, the drone’s advantages are high precision and simplicity, which could become a step towards an “absolutely new form of combat”, the company director, Sergey Chemezov was quoted as saying on the company website.

The drone can speed up to 130 kilometres per hour and fly for 30 minutes without stopping, Chemezov said, which would make it hard to combat using traditional air defence weapons.

For more information, please see https://en.kalashnikov.media/video/technology/kontsern-kalashnikov-razrabotal-vysokotochnyy-udarnyy-bespilotnyy-kompleks-kub-bla

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