Russians sell places in queue for new iPhones

MOSCOW, RUSSIA (SEPTEMBER 26, 2018) (REUTERS) – A crowd of people formed a queue near a shop selling Apple products in central Moscow on Wednesday (September 26) even before the new iPhone XS and XS Max hit the shelves.

People began to gather well in advance of the phones going on sale on Friday (September 28) as many secured a spot in the hopes of selling it to wealthy would-be owners of the new devices.

Holding cardboard signs with their numbered spot in the queue and an asking price, the sellers call out their offers. The further back in line, the lower the asking price for places.

One man who gave his name as Arsen, selling sixth place in the queue for 250 thousand roubles ($3,800 approx) said he had been in the queue since Monday (September 24).

He said the first place in the queue was going for 400,000 roubles ($6,000 approx) on Wednesday, and he expected the price to rise.

A roll call takes place every hour. If anyone who has secured a spot is missing they lose their place after half an hour, Arsen said.

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