Science, Technology Section debuts at Beijing Int’l Film Festival

China Central Television (CCTV) – The Science and Technology Section of the 8th Beijing International Film Festival debuted on Sunday in China Science and Technology Museum with more than 30 outstanding special-effect films being shown till May 6.

As a newly set up section in the International Film Festival, the section will show audience five activities, namely special-effect film panorama, scientific knowledge popularization, excellent films selection, academic exchange and forum.

A total of 19 film out of the selected 30 some films from both home and abroad will debut to Chinese audience during the film festival.

“The setup of Science and Technology Section of this year’s Film Festival realized the perfect combination of film and technologies, making film play a greater role in improving scientific quality of citizens and boosting the scientific and technological innovation to better service the social work,” said Pang Xiaodong, deputy curator of China Science and Technology Museum.

Asian premiere of BBC’s film Oceans was also held the same day with producer team interacting with the audience in the theater.

“I think the combination of film and technology not only let us have a brand new visual and auditory experience, but also enable us to experience the charm of both film and technology,” said Liu Haochen, an audience member.

Apart from screening special-effect films, the Science and Technology Section will also hold a series of scientific popularization activities such as special-effect film development forum, film award ceremony, parent-child scientific film salon and dome astronomy open classes among others.

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