Seattle airport incident not act of terror – local sheriff

NEAR KETRON ISLAND, WASHINGTON, UNITED STATES (AUGUST 10, 2018) (NBC) – There is no indication stealing and crashing airplane from Seattle’s airport was a terrorist act or an attempt to attack, local sheriff said on Friday (August 10).

Federal authorities were searching on Saturday (August 11) for what drove an airline worker to steal an empty airplane from Seattle’s airport and crashing it into a nearby sparsely populated island, sparking a security scare that saw U.S. fighter jets scrambled. No passengers were onboard and normal operations have resumed at the airfield, the airport said on Twitter.

Pierce County Sheriff Paul Pastor told reporters the person flying the plane may have been doing some air stunts before the plane crashed into Ketron Island.

The 29-year-old man, who has not been identified, was suicidal and appeared to have acted alone, the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department said on Twitter, adding the employee was probably killed in the crash.

The Federal Aviation Administration, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the National Transportation Safety Board were investigating the incident, said Brad Tilden, the CEO of Alaska Air Group, in an online statement.

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