Super Blood Wolf Moon wows stargazers

All eyes were on the skies Sunday evening, when the full lunar eclipse bathed the moon in a reddish-orange glow. Grace Lee reports.

JERUSALEM / RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL / SAN JOSE DE MAIPO, SANTIAGO METROPOLITAN REGION, CHILE / LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES / HAVANA, CUBA (Reuters) – From Havana to LA, eyes were on the skies Sunday (January 20) evening for a spooky spectacle:

A rare, Super Blood Wolf Moon.


“We have a super moon because it’s full and close to the earth. It’s a wolf moon because it’s a January full moon and it’s a blood moon because it’s a total eclipse so we have a super wolf blood moon eclipse according to some folks. I just like it because it’s a lunar eclipse and it’s fun to watch.”

In California, the full lunar eclipse appeared shortly after 9 PM, bathing the moon in a rusty red glow.

More than 1500 people gathered at LA’s Griffith Observatory hoping to catch a glimpse.


“Oh it’s very unique it happens very infrequently and to get a great viewing like this is just wonderful.”

The reddish color is from rays of sunlight passing through Earth’s polluted atmosphere, as the moon falls into our planet’s shadow.

That why it’s a ‘blood’ moon.

It’s super because its hit a point in orbit- that puts it close to earth so it appears bigger.

The wolf part is less obvious.

Americans called a full moon in January a wolf moon, because of wolves that would howl in hunger outside villages in winter.

At least that’s according to The Farmers Almanac.

Sunday’s eclipse was visible to the naked eye, wherever the skies were clear.

The best viewing of the one-hour show was from North and South America.


“Oh it’s just wonderful.”

But in all, about 2.8 billion people were in its path from the Western Hemisphere, Europe, West Africa to northernmost Russia.

The next chance for Americans to see a total lunar eclipse is 2022

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