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Take a bite of this: Russia largest ever pumpkin

MOSCOW, RUSSIA (OCTOBER 20, 2018) (REUTERS) – The largest pumpkin ever grown in Russia was sliced up and distributed to hungry autumn festival attendees in Moscow on Saturday (October 20).

Weighing a whopping 645 kilograms, the pumpkin is some 200 kilograms heavier than its record breaking predecessor in Russia – the seed of which it was grown from.

The giant vegetable’s cutting up ceremony attracted crowds of curious locals to the Moscow Government University’s Apothecary Gardens. The lucky Muscovites each got a piece of the giant pumpkin to take home with them.

Andrei Gusev, who grew the impressive pumpkin said he hadn’t set out to break any records: “I just wanted to grow a big vegetable.”

Gusev has affectionately named his prized vegetable Dusya.

Though giant pumpkin competitions are a long-standing tradition in some part of the U.S., the Atlantic Giant variety of pumpkin is a newcomer in Russia’s gardening community and is winning over fans.

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