The week ahead: Brexit on the mind

Brexit will be closely watched as UK prime minister, Theresa May, fights not just for her EU divorce deal, but also for her political life, while the U.S. could be thankful this holiday for data expected to show an economy in the very best of health. Pascale Davies reports.

(REUTERS/ PARLIAMENT TV) – All eyes will be on London this week.

With Brexit putting the fear into investors.


“I think it will be just fascinating and horrifying to watch the progression.”

The Prime Minister will be fighting for her political life after a draft divorce deal she agreed with the EU led her senior ministers to quit and opened mutiny in her party.

In the bloc she hopes to do a deal with though, they could face their own nightmares.

While PMI data released this week is expected to show the EU’s economic growth will bounce back at a faster pace this quarter

Changes in auto emissions and Italy’s ongoing budget debate could hit investors.

Analysts say that could be prevented if a tit-for-tat tariff war between the U.S. and China steadies.


“I mean what I would like to see whether we get it is another matter is stabilization in China and a rather 6 percent growth rate. If that’s possible then we have the fact that Europe actually didn’t have a good Q3 and that was centred on Germany and that was centred on German exports of cars. All of those things we’re being told will look a bit better as we come into Q4.”

And with Thanks Giving on Thursday, American markets may have something to be grateful about.

PMI data on Friday is expected to show a modest acceleration in manufacturing and a relatively robust service industry.

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