This is the most indecisive chess match, ever

Two chess masters are locked in a neverending spiral of tied games — 10 so far — at the World Chess Championships. It’s the longest streak of draws to ever hit the league’s 132-year history. Matthew Larotonda reports.

LONDON, ENGLAND, UNITED KINGDOM (REUTERS / WORLD CHESS) – It’s a tie! And another tie! And… Woody Harrelson?

Two chess masters are locked in a seemingly neverending spiral of tied games at the World Chess Championships in London, 10 games so far.

This has never happened before. The league’s been around for 132 years.

So, the slog between American Fabiano Caruana and Norway’s Magnus Carlsen, attended by celebrity fans like the actor Harrelson, is a weird one.

The winner is supposed to be determined by the best of 12 matches, but usually at least a few individual battles have a clear winner — even if they haven’t won the war, so to speak.

If there’s still no victor after 12 matches they’ll enter tie-breaker games which are much the same, but under tight time constraints.

Whether this is thrilling non-stop action or the most boring thing ever depends on your perspective.

But in a way both sides are winners. They already get to split the $1.1 million prize, 60-40.

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