Trump extends U.S. sanctions against Zimbabwe

U.S. President Donald Trump has renewed sanctions against Zimbabwe for another year, despite calls from African leaders to lift them. Serena Chaudhry reports.

HARARE, ZIMBABWE (Reuters) – Another year of U.S. sanctions for Zimbabwe.

President Donald Trump has extended sanctions, saying the new government’s policies continue to pose, quote, an “unusual and extraordinary” threat to America’s foreign policy.

The renewal comes in spite of calls by African leaders to lift the sanctions and give Zimbabwe a chance to recover from its economic crisis.

But Trump administration officials say the sanctions will remain in place until President Emmerson Mnangagwa changes some of Zimbabwe’s laws.

These include regulations around restricting media freedom and allowing protests.

Zimbabwe is trying to turn around its economic fortunes following the end of Robert Mugabe’s rule.

But a chronic cash crunch continues to hamper business and is causing shortages in medicines, food and fuel.

The Reserve Bank said on Monday (March 4) it has borrowed 985 million dollars from African banks to purchase fuel and other critical imports.

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