U.S. lawmakers reach tentative deal to avoid government shutdown

Washington D.C. and El Paso Texas United States (Reuters, CBS, RESTRICTED POOL) – U.S. lawmakers say they’ve struck a tentative deal to steer clear of another government shutdown. Justin Solomon reports.

Lawmakers may have found a way to steer clear of U.S. government shutdown number two. With a deadline approaching at week’s end-

Congressional negotiators said they’d struck a tentative deal on border security funding late Monday (February 11).

After lawmakers huddled to find a way out of stalled talks Alabama Senator Richard Shelby told reporters staff members would hammer out the details.

A congressional aide told Reuters the tentative deal provides $1.37 billion to build 55 miles of border fence, but no money for a border wall.

House Democrat Nita Lowey said congressional staff could work out the finer points of a deal by Wednesday.

Talks on immigration had collapsed over the weekend, raising fears of another government shutdown when funding runs out at midnight on Friday (February 15).

Democrats want fewer illegal migrants detained along the border, and want to limit the number of detention beds, arguing it is cheaper to release and electronically track low risk migrants while they await deportation.

Aides say this demand is not part of the new tentative deal.

Republicans want to increase the number of beds to detain more people, which they say would make deportations faster.

Trump on Monday (February 11), at a rally in El Paso, Texas didn’t tell the crowd of supporters whether he would back the deal or not – but he did assure them, the wall is coming. Telling his supporters “Just so you know, we are building the wall anyway.”

Trump has long demanded $5.7 billion for a border wall.

He has not ruled out declaring a national emergency which would allow him to bypass Congress to fund the wall.

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