When throwing your pint – and your friend’s – is the only way to celebrate

An elated England fan celebrates his team’s second goal by tossing his beer in the air, then his friend’s

LONDON, ENGLAND, UK (JULY 7, 2018) (REUTERS) – Sometimes the only way to celebrate when your team scores at the World Cup is by throwing your beer in the air in jubilation.

But when you are an England fan and your team haven’t made the semi finals of the tournament for 28 years, you might as well throw your friend’s too.

In a hilarious 30 second sequence, one supporter watching the match in London on Saturday (July 7) makes his way to the front of a viewing area carrying three freshly-poured pints, only for Dele Alli to give The Three Lions a 2-0 lead against Sweden.

His friend grabs his pint and throws it in the air, and then, as the celebrations continue, chucks another one as well.

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