White House says ‘can’t guarantee’ there’s no tape of Trump using racial slur

WASHINGTON, D.C., UNITED STATES (AUGUST 14, 2018) (NBC) – White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said (August 14) she “can’t guarantee” there are no tapes of U.S. President Donald Trump using a racial slur as she faced a barrage of journalists’ questions on the growing feud between Trump and his former White House aide Omarosa Manigault Newman.

The former White House aide and reality star, who is promoting her tell-all book about her White House stint, claims she heard a recording of the president use the N-word. When asked specifically if there was any recording of Trump using the offensive word, Sanders said, “I can’t guarantee anything but I can tell you that the president addressed this question directly. I can tell you that I have never heard it.”

In recent days, Manigault Newman has released audio of her firing by White House Chief of Staff John Kelly and of a call from Trump in which he says he did not know about her dismissal.

On Tuesday, CBS News released another recording it said was unverified but appeared to be Manigault Newman and several Trump campaign aides in October 2016 discussing the potential fallout from a tape of Trump using a racial epithet during the taping of “The Apprentice.”

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