Wrap edit of EU leaders agreeing to Brexit package

BRUSSELS, BELGIUM (NOVEMBER 25, 2018) (EBS) – European Union leaders formally agreed a Brexit deal on Sunday (November 25) and urged Britons to back Prime Minister Theresa May’s package in the face of furious opposition in the British parliament.

The 27 leaders took barely half an hour at a summit in Brussels to rubber-stamp a 600-page treaty setting the terms of Britain’s withdrawal from the EU on March 29 and a 26-page declaration outlining a future free trading relationship.

May, who joined them shortly afterwards for what will be a brief meeting to seal the accord, now faces a struggle to get the deal, which has angered eurosceptics and EU supporters alike, through a deeply divided British parliament.

The biggest question now facing the EU is whether May’s divided minority government can steer the deal, which foresees London following many EU rules for years to come to keep easy trade access, through fierce resistance in parliament in the coming weeks from both supporters and opponents of Brexit.

Both sides have been making preparations for such a “no deal” scenario, though the EU insists Britain has more to lose. The pound has strengthened since the deal came together over the past 10 days, but companies and investors remain nervous.

The package foresees little changing during a transition period lasting another two to four years. The two sides are due to start negotiations on their future ties after the Brexit day.

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