3 Underwear Questions You’re Too Shy To Ask

TAIPEI, Taiwan–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Many people think that questions about lingerie are taboo and they shouldn’t be discussed with anyone. Even when women go to a store, they are always too shy to ask for help. As a result, we often wear underwear the wrong way, which can cause health issues.

We realized how awkward the situation was, so we are giving answers to the most popular questions.

Can I wear the same underwear for several days?

If you have some visible scratches, a rash, or discomfort near your private parts, it is better not to try your luck: dirty underwear can lead to an infection.

The same goes for cases where you’ve been sweaty a lot during the day or did some very intense training. The moisture, especially in such a sensitive area, creates the perfect conditions for the reproduction of bacteria and fungal infections. So, it is better to wear new fresh panties if you can.

How often should I wash my underwear?

Simple answer – Everyday.

There are no right or wrong answers for how often outer clothing or garments should be washed, but the general rule of thumb is that underwear should be washed every day as it covers areas that can breed bacteria.

What’s the best color for underwear?

There are no strict rules about this question, that really depends on your taste. When you find a pair that works for your style, body shape and wardrobe, buy several of the same underwear in different colors will be a good way. Basic, solid colors like black, white, gray, blue and red are great and popular color choices. But, if you’re wearing white pants, it’s not a wise idea to wear black/dark underwear. The outline of the dark underwear will be clearly visible under the lighter colored trousers.

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