5G dazzles MWC with quirky gadgets and life-saving technologies

BARCELONA, SPAIN (FEBRUARY 25, 2019) (REUTERS) – As leading telecoms companies gathered in Barcelona for their main annual trade fair under the shadow of a bitter clash between the United States and China over network security for the next generation of mobile services, playful robots were used to highlight the potential of 5G at the Mobile World Congress on Monday (February 25).

In addition to the robots, other 5G connected gadgets and services were presented at the tech fair.

A fundamental question the industry has yet to answer is whether 5G, which promises to link up everything from vehicles to household devices, will end up being profitable.

Experts in the field say enough testing should now have been done to determine at least in the short term if it’s viable.

“We talked about 5G last year, we talked about 5G and we are talking about the 5G, but 5G is right here, it’s right now,” said Radhika Devi, a representative of the ZTE Corporation.

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