Appeal trial opens in ‘Luxleaks’ tax scandal case

Two former employees of accounting firm PwC and a journalist, who were handed suspended sentences for having leaked data about Luxembourg’s tax deals with large corporations, begin appeal trial.

LUXEMBOURG, LUXEMBOURG (REUTERS) – The appeal trial for two former employees of accountancy giant PwC and a journalist, who were given suspended sentences for leaking details of corporate tax deals in the so-called ‘LuxLeaks’ affair, was to start on Monday (December 12) in Luxembourg.

In June, Antoine Deltour and Raphael Halet, both French citizens and former employees of accounting firm PwC, received suspended sentences of 12 and nine months respectively for releasing documents that showed how large corporations secured deals from Luxembourg to slash their tax bills. French television journalist Edouard Perrin, who used the leaked data for a broadcast made in 2012, was acquitted of all charges.

But in August, Luxembourg’s prosecutor said it would launch an appeal to strengthen sentences given to the two former PwC employees and also challenge the acquittal of Perrin, who made one of the first reports about the tax-saving arrangements between Luxembourg and international corporations.

The leaked documents showed that companies such as PepsiCo, AIG and Deutsche Bank secured deals from Luxembourg to slash their tax bills.

Luxembourg, a small country wedged in between France, Belgium and Germany, says other states have similar arrangements, and has offered to share details of the tax deals.

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