Cambridge Analytica shuts down after data scandal

Controversial political consultancy Cambridge Analytica is shutting down following a massive scandal over data it mined from Facebook during the 2016 election. Justin Mitchell reports.

(REUTERS) – Controversial consulting firm Cambridge Analytica is closing down following a massive scandal over its mining of Facebook profile data during the 2016 elections

The company said BOTH Cambridge Analytica AND its parent, SCL Elections, will cease all operations immediately with bankruptcy proceedings to begin soon.

The company became the center of a global firestorm in recent months after it was revealed Cambridge had improperly accessed the data of 87 million Facebook users while working for President Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign.

The scandal proved hugely embarrassing for Facebook — its founder, Mark Zuckerberg, hauled before Congress to explain the massive breach of privacy.

He swore to lawmakers the company would take steps to make sure it never happened again.

Cambridge said it had been losing clients and facing mounting legal fees in the wake of the scandal.

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