Edmund Druilhet and Jeri Rice Deliver a Knockout Punch with their Newest Documentary Spoof Film, “Once Upon a Time Traveler in Hollywood”

Hollywood’s Biggest Secret Finally Exposed.

Nazi Propaganda Minister Goebbels’ 101 Scripts Hollywood’s Elite… Yes, They’re Here!

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 8, 2019 /Edmund Druilhet/ — Film Makers Edmund Druilhet and Jeri Rice introduce their Revolutionary Film Release, “Once Upon A Time Traveler in Hollywood,” exposing the most talked-about issues destroying our world today. Where black is white and white is black, not unlike the current hit movie, “Jojo Rabbit.” Fake news, Pedophilia, Space X, CERN, Truth about Trump, Parallel Universes of Tarantino and Hollywood’s ties to Nazi Germany – Orwell’s nightmare comes to life.

“Once Upon a Time Traveler in Hollywood” is a feature-length documentary film spoof exposing the dark side of Hollywood.

Edmund discovers that his identity was stolen by Brad Pitt, in a Tarantino Parallel Universe. Seeking answers, he discovers a Nazi Time Machine at Space X, in Hawthorne, California and meets Sharon Tate there, who survived the Manson murders. Together, they go back in time, discovering a secret Nazi military base-film studio in Laurel Canyon, operating since 1938, where stars like Marilyn Monroe, Jimmy Stewart and CBS evening news anchor, Walter Cronkite, delivered America’s programming. Operation Paperclip or a Nazi Pharaonic Invasion, 70,000 strong? Who really won the war?

Film Trailer:

Film Makers Edmund Druilhet and Jeri Rice, both Congressional Award Winners, are veterans in media and the political scene.

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