Eurovision Song Contest

Ukraine takes Eurovision song crown

Ukraine wins the Eurovision Song Contest, snatching victory over Russia whose entry was tipped as the favourite. Paul Chapman reports.

(REUTERS/SVT) – Ukraine’s victory in the Eurovision Song Contest came as a surprise to many.

It swept ahead of Russia whose entry had been widely tipped to win.

And it’s likely to be one of the most co ntroversial winners in the history of the competition.

Its references to the deportation of ethnic Tartars from Crimea by Josef Stalin during World War Two came very close to breaching Eurovision anti-politics rules.

It’s led many to draw parallels with Russia’s annexation of Crimea in 2014.

Jamala, herself a Tartar, performed the winning song.


“You know, I was sure that if you sing, if you talk about truth, it really can touch people.”

Ukraine fans at the event were delighted.


“It was really fantastic, it was amazing. I’m really anxious now and really happy.”

Russia finished third, behind Australia which had also been tipped as a possible winner.

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